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on president's obama nominee to the secretary of defense. former republican senator from nebraska chuck hagel. and right now, two of senator hagel's allies, former senators sam nunn of georgia, a democrat, and former senator, john warner, a republican of virginia, testifying on his behalf. i'm here with gloria borger. gloria, a few days ago, you sat down with vice president joe biden and one of the things you asked him about was this criticism that the president's new foreign policy team, senator former john kerry, the new secretary of state, and chuck hagel are two dullish. let's play that clip. >> for four year, the real president obama has exercised force responsibly as boldly and as as bravely as any president in american history. this is a guy who has not backed away and he's also ended wars that almost every military man out there will tell you we should not be engaged in again. the idea of getting engaged in a ground war in a country that's in transition is not a prescription any military man would suggest. and to suggest that two -- two war heroes, one with the bronze star, a purple h
with president obama's policy saying military options are on the table. >> he was one of two senators who voted against iranian sanctions saying we should negotiate directly with iran, not sanction them. >> reporter: hagel did support negotiations with iran with no preconditions. he said it's useless for any one nation, including the u.s., to impose sanctions alone, but he supported the multinational sanctions in place now. in fact, hagel once supported the don't ask don't tell policy that applied to gay troops. he also at one time said that the military should not be used as a "social experiment." but he had to fill out a questionnaire before this hearing and in that questionnaire hagel said that he would support and try to get in place benefits like health benefits for the spouses of gay and lesbian servicemembers, so carol, the evolution continues here. >> it should be another raucous hearing on the hill. chris lawrence live from the pentagon. stay with us for the nomination hearing at 9:30 eastern we'll have live coverage for you. >>> we're also keeping an eye on a hostage standoff in alaba
.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the senate took up president obama's proposal to reform the nation's gun control laws with a high-profile senate judiciary hearing on wednesday. in a surprise an unannounced appearance, gabrielle giffords, the former congressmember badly wounded in the tucson shooting rampage two years ago, urged lawmakers to back and control. >> this is an important conversation for our children, for our community, for democrats and republicans. speaking is difficult, but i need to say something important. the violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. it will be hard, but the time is now! you must act. the bold, the courageous. americans are counting on you. thank you. >> appearing alongside the former congressmember giffords who was shot in the head was her husband, the former astronaut mark kelly. kelly said he and giffords represented millions of gun owners to support new restrictions in the aftermath of the sandy hook massacre. >> we are both gun owners and we take that right and responsibilities
forms of gun and ammunition controls. and only two, proposed by president obama and senator diane feinstein. the husband of gabrielle giffords giffords, mark kelly, was there. >> the shooter in tucson showed up with two third round magazines, one in his nine mm. he unloaded the contents in 15 seconds, very quickly, happening very fast. the first bullet went into gabby's head, bullet 13 went into a nine-year-old girl named christina taylor green. if he had a ten round magazine, let me back up. when he tried to reload one 33 round magazine with another 33 round magazine he dropped it. and a woman grabbed it. it gave the people around him the time to tackle him. i contend if that same thing happened when he was trying to reload one ten-round magazine with another ten-round magazine, meaning he didn't have access to a high capacity magazine, and the same thing happened, christina taylor green would be alive today. >> the case against banning high-capacity magazines and assault weapons was made anecdotally by witnesses in favor of high-capacity magazines. but all the anecdotes were abo
of defense. president obama nominated the former republican senator for the position earlier this month. his nomination is come with some continue verysy. members of his own party have challenged his past comments on israel, iran, and nuclear weapons. >>> five things to know before you head out the door this morning. 35 new police recruits will graduate from the maryland transportation authority police training academy. the recruits have completed 29 weeks of academic and physical training. the new officers will be assigned to various facilities around the state. >>> today is recalling more than a million vehicles worldwide mostly corolla models. the recall is for faulty air bags and windshield wipers. they were sold model years 2003 and 2004 and so far the company says the air bag problem has caused two confirmed crashes and 18 minor injuries. >>> a lab retriever is top dog for 2012. that's according to the american kennel club. german shepherds earned second place on the list followed by the golden retriever and bulldog. >>> quiet waters park in anne arundel county. they will host a ravens
of the senate armed services committee. >> president obama nominated the former nebraska senator as the next u.s. defense secretary. his confirmation process is expected to be somewhat contentious, more so than senator john kerry for secretary of state. delia goncalves is live in our satellite center. she has more on hagel's battle as he goes before the senate. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. it will be a fiery hearing on the hilda. senator kerry breezed through his confirmation process. it won't be as easy for senator chuck hagel, mainly because of his past comments that are literally coming back to haunt him. the 66-year-old vietnam veteran says his views have been distorted but his critics, and there are lots of them, say it shows a deep misunderstanding of the issues, including israeli-u.s. relations. some comments have been seen as pro-palestine, even as a justification for terrorism. the senator has even been seen as anti-gay. but his colleagues, including republican senator john coryn from texas are not buying his apology. >> i realize senator hagel is now repudiating ma
for him to clear the senate. >> another issue that we're watching out of d.c., president obama saying there is "no doubt that immigration reform and gun bills will get passed this year." folks have to say has the political climate changed that much? >> it certainly has, especially on immigration. you know, when the republicans look at the election results of 2012, you know, obama carried over 7-10 hispanic voters. the tide changed on that. you're seeing now, you know, senators michael rubio, senator john mccain, republicans are making an urgent plea to pass comprehensive reform, something that, you know, maybe even a year ago was seemed pretty unlikely or possible given the hard line stance that we saw republicans adopt in the 2012 presidential primary. so definitely a new urgency on part of the gop. >> the president seems to have good polling numbers. sean sullivan, thank you so much from "the washington post" today. >>> here's a first look at news going on around america. nasa launching a satellite into orbit from florida. this new equipment will improve communication with the inter
in iraq as i did with president obama. do you stand by those comments? >> senator, i stand by them because i made them. >> were you right? where you write in your assessment? >> i would defer to the judgment of history to assert -- to sort that out. >> the committee deserves to know whether you are right or wrong about the search. >> i will explain why -- >> i want to know if you are right or wrong. it's a direct question. >> the surge assisted in the objective. >> will you please answer the question -- were you correct or incorrect when he said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? >> my reference -- >> are you going to answer the question? were you right or wrong? that's a straightforward question. answer whether you are right or wrong and then you are free to elaborate. >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> let the record show he refuses to answer the question. please go ahead. >> if you would like me to explain -- >> i would like an answer, yes or no. >> i'm not going to give you a yes or
to the police, so that is what the future holds, you know, microstamping is here and not in use, president obama presented his plan. the senator presented her weapon's ban and mareilee has proposed legislation. >> there were two other measures that are discussed that are provisions in the new york law, one of them requires that anybody that is in some sort of a counseling or, mental counseling, devujing that they want to use a gun in the commission of a crime or do anything criminal with a firearm that needs to be disclosed to law enforcement like when it is a direct threat and the investigation into that person could then be through the court and be their guns could be taken away and where they reside, there could be no guns in that premises which would have taken care of mr. lanza and there would not be any guns allowed in that house. >> the provision where the guy shot the buildings on fire in new york and shot the firefighters as they responded and it is additional enhancement for harming a first responder, those will be two more adds that the law enforcement would love to see. and the publi
of sharp questions from his former colleagues at his senate confirmation hearing. >> president obama wants hagel to be his new defense secretary, but he had to work today to explain some past policy positions on israel, iran and iraq. danielle nottingham with the story from capitol hill. >> we would like an answer yes or no. >> reporter: senator john mccain grilled chuck hagel, president obama's defense secretary nominee, about his opposition to the troop surge in iraq. >> your refusal to answer whether you were right or wrong about it is going to have an impact on my judgment as to whether to vote for your confirmation or the. >> reporter: some republicans have said -- or not. >> reporter: some republicans have said they won't support hagel. he tried to address their concerns. >> i'm on the record many times on the floor of the senate and in the book i wrote in 2008 saying that iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. >> reporter: hagel served as a nebraska senator for 12 years. during that time he made controversial remarks about israel that are still under scrutiny. >> give me an examp
the >> there is the new senator from massachusetts, mo cowan. and this article, obama's poll ratings by highest in four years. in about a half-hour or so, we will switch topics. we will go to the washington auto show, the annual show being held at the washington convention center. you can see a live picture on the screen. we will be turning our attention to the automobile industry. that is in about a half-hour. we just wanted to let you know what is coming up. after that, we will be ending of the washington journal a little early today because former senator chuck hagel as his nomination hearing beginning at 9:30 a.m. eastern time by the senate armed services committee. we will be going live to that so you can see that full hearing as well. in jackson, michigan on our democrat line, gene. have your views changed since newtown? caller: yes, it has. we need national standardized background checks. here in michigan, you have to be better educated and have a cleaner background to get a real estate license or a liquor license or supplier license. those three licenses are much tougher to get than a concealed
of defense. chuck hagel, a former republican senator from nebraska should not expect a friendly reception on capitol hill this morning. >> president obama should choose someone else to lead the pentagon. >> reporter: texas senator john cornyn laid out the case on wednesday saying hagel is tough on israel and soft on iran. >> he simply does not understand the true basis of the u.s./israel alliance and he's the same person who suggested the united states might be able to live with a nuclear iran. >> some well funded groups have taken to the tv and websites with ads to oppose his confirmation. >> president obama says he supports sanction, hagel voted against them. >> but hagel has been aggressive in fighting the accusations. he made the rounds here on capitol hill to talk with former colleagues and clarify his position. >> senator hagel and i had a very good meeting to talk about the department of defense and its future as well as his role. >> hagel picked up a big endorsement on the democratic side when he won over new york senator chuck schumer. >> i can now say i
a bill last week. >>> president obama says he will sign it if it passes in the senate. >>> we are still following a developing story out of alabama. a-year-old boy is being held hostage and is now going on three days. here is what we know. 63-year-old man boarded a school bus tuesday after fatally shooting the bus driver. he grabbed the 5-year-old sxwoy pled the scene. police tracked the man down but says he has been holding the child hostage for more than 30 hours. neighbors of the man describe him as a loner and survivalist who distrust it is government. you can count on news4 for updates it is a story continues to unfold. >>> metro says it may need to review its procedures with d.c. fire after a chaotic evening commute. an insulator started smoking on the green line and the emergency responder cut the wrong electricity source. that left two trains stopped for hours between the anacostia and navy yard stations. some people got off and tried to walk. eventually the trains made it to the stations but you can see the chaos as people tried to board shuttle buses. metro says that this inci
is not a precipitation any military man would suggest. >> in many ways, obama's pick of hagel, who he forged a relationship with in the senate, then traveled with to afghanistan and iraq in july of 2008, along with cia nominee john brennan and incoming secretary of state john kerry represent a shift in the way the u.s. wages war and the president's attempts to put an imprint on u.s. foreign policy. today, hagel will have his first chance to publicly respond to his critics, in a 112-page questionnaire requested by the committee, hagel begins to do that on iran and israel. this is what he said in the questionnaire, and he'll be questioned about this today. on the questionnaire, i am committed to considering all options to counter iran and its aggression and to maintain u.s. support for missile defense systems in israel. translation, he's for unilateral military action if necessary against iran. more. "if iran continues to flout its international obligations, it should continue to face severe and growing consequences. while there is time and space for diplomacy, backed by pressure, the window i
. the fact that senator levin had to intervene to correct the record. president obama in 2012 on two occasions came out and effectively said we're not going to try to contain iran. we're going to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power. that was the most part of the hearing for senator hagel. he did correct the record after senator levin interjected and placed himself squarely with senator levin. but if iran is going to be an issue in the hearings, and it was a lead-off in the hearing it was a difficult point. >> you were an ambassador, and you had to be confirmed, do you think senator mccaskill was right? it becomes easier to asking the question than answering them? do you think there was a problem in preparation? i think he did get stronger toward the end of the day. but those were questions he could have anticipated? what was going on there? >> i'm of two minds here. the hearings are essential. you have to be voted on. it's important to have them. but there are other tests that we ought to put before our future secretary of state. i think senator hagel has passed all of
the middle of may. the house already passed the legislation. president obama said he will sign it if the senate fails -- rather, if it fails in the senate. the treasury warns the government may not be able to pay its bills in a matter of weeks. >>> 4:34. chuck hagel will tell a senate committee why he should be the next defense secretary. the senate armed services committee will hold hagel's confirmation hearing. the former republican senator and vietnam veteran will likely face tough questions, especially about his stance on israel and iran. he prepared by meeting privately with more than 50 senators and leaders of public interest groups. >>> right now, vice president biden is preparing for his first trip overseas for the obama administration's second term. he leaves today for europe. the white house says he'll visit germany, france, and the u.k. the vice president's first stop will be at the munich security conference. he spoke at that meeting four years ago at the start of the president's first term. >>> president obama says he hopes for some form of immigration reform this
to proposals by senate negotiators and president obama. the groundbreaking measure could be unveiled within a matter of days. president obama says he would like the whole process wrapped up in six months. >> it's been too long since we reformed the system. and we're starting to see a bipartisan consensus build around this. >> florida lawmaker mario diaz has seen a sea change on the issue on both sides. >>> senator kerry's seat has been moved on since he moved on to secretary of state. william mo cohen. cohen will be on the job until a special election in june. it's the first time in history there will be two african-americans serving in the senate. the other is tim scott of south carolina. >>> and congress is expected to hold another so-called bipartisan date night when the president delivers the state of the union address next month. for the third-straight year dozens of lawmakers plan to break tradition by sitting with members of the opposing party. it's all to symbolize the importance of working together. >> i'm sure that's not awkward at all. >>> all right. coming up after the break, th
refused to answer that question. >>> and we begin with clashes on capitol hill with president obama's second-term cabinet facing its first real fight. the confirmation for chuck hagel has just resumed. hagel is again being grilled by his former senate colleagues to be the next secretary of defense. earlier no one brought the heat like hagel's self-described old friend john mccain. >> were you correct in your assessment? >> well, i would defer to the judgment of history to sort that out, but -- >> the committee deserves your judgment as to whether you were right or wrong about the surge. >> i'll explain why i made those comments -- >> i want to know if you were right or wrong. that's a direct question. i expect a direct answer. >> the surge assisted in the objective, but if we review the record a little bit -- >> will you please answer the question. were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam. were you correct or incorrect? yes or no? >> when given a chance to respond, here is what hagel s
this into the legislation, essentially to pressure senate democrats to pass budgets. they have not done that during obama's first term. the measure says each chamber has to pass a budget by mid-april. sured either chamber fail, its member's pay would be withheld. here is harry reid talking about it and how it comes together today. >> obviously democrats would prefer a longer suspension of the debt ceiling which would provide additional economic security and stability as we continue to find ways to decrease the deficit. raising the possibility the united states could default on its obligations every few months is not an ideal way to run government but a short-term solution is better than another imminent manufactured crisis. >> reporter: there will be a whole bunch of amendments proposed today. one would offset every dollar of increased borrowing with spending reductions. another would add 120 day extension to any possible government shutdown threat in the future to give lawmakers to avoid type of bloated bills that get passed in the dead of night and increase the deficit, debt and spending. all the amend
is set to happen on capitol hill this morning. president obama named a former republican senator to be his next secretary of defense. chuck hagel is only supported by democrats. not a single republican is endorsing him. his hearing starts in 20 minutes. expected to get a grilling on his positions in iran, israel and cutting the defense budget. >>> also happening a vote on raising the nation's debt sealing so the government can borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars. the no budget no pay bill. it withholds the pay of any law maker who does not vote on a budget by mid april. >> all right. ahead this hour, a wager on sunday's big game. >> plus, an extra $400 million can be put to good use. that's according to counsel member. >> major cuts could be coming to the defense department. joins us after the break with a look at the affects and possible spending cuts. ding cuts. >> first, police in maryland are sporting new crime fighting technology by using body cams that attach to their bulletproof vests. the police chief bought 8 cameras. the department says the cameras not only benefit
the southeast to the east coast. president obama defense secretary nominee, former senator chuck hagel facing pretty tough questioning today before the arms forces senate. urging some senators not to write him off base in his earlier comments about iran and israel. the hostage standoff in a rural alabama town is ongoing this hour. negotiations are in contact with the suspect. he is a retired truck driver holding a five-year-old boy in an underground bunker. the man grabbed the boy off a school bus tuesday after shooting and killing the bus driver. those are your headlines. now back to lori. lori: thank you for that, greg. moving slightly lower. that said oil is up more than 6% over the last month. what is driving the trade to a? sandra smith from the pits of the cme. sandra: that is just it, the oil market tracking the stock market not just today moving lower, but it has been moving higher with this stock market for the duration of 2013. i don't just look at the date, they look at the week, the month, the year. this is despite the fact we have had weaker consumer confidence data, weak gdp, we
brianne carter reporting. >> thank you. for a confirmation hearing is today for president obama's defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. gop senator from has faced criticism republicans that is ot sufficiently pro-israel or tough enough on iran. they also worry about his for cuts in nuclear weapons. focus one will insuring that the u.s. military is preparing for any contingency. obama's second term starting off on a high note. a new poll found 60% of have a favorable impression of the president, is his highest rating since 2009. it found that he had more positive ratings than negative refused. >> john gonzalez is kicking goals, getting knocked by guys on the field during interviews. >> new orleans is bringing out in >> wearing a purple boas. >> have the redskins called for me? >> we will talk. >> it is downright chilly in new orleans. all the events and activities the big game and are heating up. ne willygg and blai take the stage tonight. from the balcony's of the french onve music jackson's career and cajun food street, fans are doing it big easy style. gnets off ouri at the caf
passed budget in the obama era and created the salary threat so senate democrats who have not do so this year. >> republicans tried to pass amendments that prioritize payments when cash runs first, pay interest first, social security and active duty military pay. and measure offsetting new debt with the matching spending cut. >> no gimmicks or timing shifts but these would be real cuts and growth in federal spending. >> democrats blocked each amendment. the no budget no, pay act sent unauthorred to the president for promiseed signature. >> the motion carries. >> there is no break in the battle. new deadlines loom. unless the two parties agree on a compromise replacement before then. plus, at the end of march, congress has to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year or risk potential shutdown. republicans want spending cuts noon more tax hikes. democrats want the opposite. the budget knife will start cutting automatically. >> bret: thanks. still ahead, we will take you to a place where plenty of great-paying new jobs and they train you for free. first, why is big labor
to new england. i want to take you to capitol hill now. and a former senator who was loved and admired by colleagues on both sides of the aisle, that was until he was tapped by president obama to head the pentagon. chuck hagel is a little over 90 minutes into a senate confirmation hearing. but he's generally expected to survive. but if you remember that virtual lovefest a week ago, that was john kerry's hearing for secretary of state, this is not like that. cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash is watching the hearings. and dana, i was watching some of your reporting earlier on. as these hearings began to unfold starting at 9:30 this morning. you said stoic, i you described the panel. you these were long-term old friends who had a very different tenor in this room today? >> that's right. and i think at least early on, the statement, opening statement from the top republican, hagel's fellow republican on this committee, his name is jim inhofe from oklahoma probably says it all when it comes to republican skepticism and outright criticism of chuck hagel. listen to what jim in
. it will likely pass and president obama has pledged to sign it. >>> also today a senate committee begins confirmation hearings for chuck hagel. the man the president picked to lead the defense department. the only witness at the hearing which could be crucial in determining if he gets the go ahead. members of hagel's own party has criticizing his nomination criticizing his past comments. >> time now to talk more about our weather. >> yeah. obviously, things got crazy last night. flash flooding. one to two inches of rain. and we don't have any flash flood warnings. we have flood warnings. all that water drains down into the rivers and the creeks. so they are overflowing their banks this morning. >> wind up with this situation. >> right. so even though the rain stopped 12 hours ago, we're still dealing with the affects of it this morning. we're going to transition from the rain we had last night to the story today will be the wind which has been blowing overnight to 45 miles per hour. we could see gusts around here today up to 50. be prepared for a very windy day as the cooler air working
to express his view since president obama nominated him to take over for panetta. senator hagel faced criticism he is not tough enough on iran. senators will get to ask him about that during his nomination hearing which happens tomorrow. the experts say they did not see this coming. the economy in the united states shrink at the end of last year according to the commerce department. first slow down since the recession ended more than three years ago. economists say they don't think this means we are headed for another recession. wendell goler is live at the white house. it was a small drop today, but it did raise a lot of eyebrows, initially. >> well, you are right, shepard. the strongest quarter of the year was followed by a negative one. the slide blamed on dwindling exports, slow growth in company stocks and biggest decline in defense spending in 40 years. the economy went from 3.1% growth from july through september to a minus tenth of a percent last three months of the year. the white house both down played the decline and put part of the blame on republicans. >> home prices are
could face tough questions during today's appearance before the senate armed services committee. >> president obama should choose someone else to lead the pentagon. >>> you missed that point completely. >> senator, i think you missed -- >> let there be order. >> the gun control debate taking center stage on capitol hill in dramatic fashion. >> the time is now. you must act. >>> the chase was extremely dangerous. >> what's he going to do? right through him, right through the train crossing. >>> talk about serious air, windsurfers brave hard conditions in southwest ireland to face off in the red bull storm chase conversation. >>> mascot versus cheerleader never ends well. >> six against five. >> look at this. oh, here we go. >> and all that matters. >> every single parent can identify with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and on sunday night, we're going to experience both of those great emotions. who has it better than us? no-body! >> no-body! >> on "cbs this morning." >> nearly three in ten americans say god plays a role in the outcome of sporting eve
the republican party. >> senator mccain have you talked to president obama about this? >> i have not. >> i have great respect for the president. i believe that at some point we will all be meeting with the president on this issue because we need to coordinate with the administration. but i think -- i haven't seen it degree of partisanship overall as there is today. but we are showing some signs of bipartisanship as they did into furthering the nuclear option in the senate. this issue i think republicans are more inclined to let the process go forward and senator reid is more inclined to let us have amendments. i think that when we are down to 11% approval rating, there was a favorability thing. a call and ask if he is viewed more favorably than a member of congress. we are in kind of bad shape to say the least. i won't pursue that point any further. i have this whole planet guy ran guy ran up in the airport instead say anyone tell you you look a lot like senator john mccain? i said ian. doesn't just make you mad as hell? [laughter] so there is a desire on our part and on both sides of the aisle
secretary, blaming the republicans and even senator marco rubio was quick to release a statement, casting the blame right back on president obama. but there is no effort to -- let's jump into this and solve this problem together. instead, it's immediately start the blame. >> you are absolutely right. one of the things we have to look at, how do we get capital flowing in the united states economy so we have growth and expansion of our small businesses. we look at our corporate business tax rate, which is the highest in the world. we need to turn that around so we create opportunities and get people hired and start producing again. but another thing we have to be concerned about with this anemic, almost retrograde gdp number, you have a federal government, spending 24 to 25% of our gross domestic product and that's going to increase from 30 to 31%, over the next 8 to 10 years. so once again, we have to look at spending in washington, d.c. but here in january, you see with the payroll tax cut that was taken from 4.2%, went back to 6.2%. you have a lot of people seeing that missing rev new an
are these senators today really arguing about president bush and president obama on foreign policy? >> they were, rev. and it was like neocon 101. they were relitigating the iraq war. the iraq war that had nothing to do with 9/1. the iraq war that diverted our attention from bringing bin laden to justice and just about $3 trillion. i mean, it's time to start nation-building at home. and i will tell you, chuck hagel, today should have been a historic day because he's the first enlisted man ever to become secdef. secretary of defense. now let me tell you something, too, they're trying to make him look weak. but look at what happened in 1999. chuck hag ergs l always puts his country first. muslims were getting murdered. it was the worst ethnic cleansing in europe since germany. and then president clinton said we're going to send our men and women into kosovo. he's one of only two republicans to do that. the man wears his heart on his sleeve for his country. they try to dishonor him. but he, you know, listen, he's been through a lot worse in his life than given a hard time. >> john, the thing that amazed
that president obama told him we don't have a spending problem. really? former senator jim demint is here. if we have no spending problem, senator, why do we need to extend the debt ceiling? why do we need more money? >> greta, the president is running out of excuses. he can't blame the last administration because he is the last administration. president obama has spent more and created more debt than any president in history. yeast, we have the slowest recovery of any recovery in history. i spent last summer, going around my state, talking to small businesses, dozens of them. so it's very clear to me what's happening now. they were beginning to pull back because of the expected cost of obamacare, the dod-frank legislation, that was a federal takeover of our financial system is making it harder for businesses to get loans. you look at the expected tax increases, which businesses were trying to plan for, the uncertainty really goes back to the president's policies. it is not obstruction. i wish we had had more of it. the policies in place are hurting our economy. and even more than that, the unce
in san francisco. >>> former senator chuck hagel heads to capitol hill, president obama's pick to become the next secretary of defense. hagel will face the senate armed services committee today for his nomination hearing. former republican senator out of nebraska hagel should not expect a friendly reception. some lawmakers say hagel is tough on israel and soft or iran. >>> and michelle talked to one new orleans resident about his pride for the city. and he has some love for san francisco, as well. plus how a young 49er fan is turning his hospital room into the ultimate fan cave. it's all coming your way. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-pro . 7 year old jacob murphy from sacramento county is a heart patient at packard child >>> a young 4er fan isn't letting his hospital stay get if the way of super bowl party plans. jason murphy is a heart patient at children's hospital in palo alto. he is kaepernicking there. cute kid. he turned his room into the ultimate fan cave. the second grader is hosting a big super bowl ba
became one of its strongest critics, forging a bond with then senator barack obama. >> he understands that sending young americans to fight and bleed in the dirt and mud, that's something we only do when it's absolutely necessary. >> reporter: today, hagel's nomination has stirred controversy over his openness to engage iran and criticism of the israeli government. >> i cannot support a nominee for defense secretary who thinks we should be tougher on israel and more lenient on iran. >> reporter: but tom hagel still has his brother's back. >> we look at each other and say, you know e, what can they do to you? send you back to vietnam? >> despite strong opposition from many republicans, white house officials are now confident barring any unforeseen problems they have the votes to confirm hagel and will soon become the first vietnam vet to run the pentagon. >>> and trending today, what has you talking online. no worries, mon. the government of jamaica is endorsing a volkswagen super bowl ad labelled racially incentive to some. and a white office worker from minnesota so happy about his n
on legislation similar to proposals by senate negotiators and president obama. the ground breaking measure could be unveiled within days. president obama says he would like the whole process wrapped up in six months. >> it has been too long since we reformed the system. and we are starting to see a bipartisan consensus build around this. >> florida republican lawmaker mario diaz-ballard said he felt a huge sea change on the issue from both parties. certainly -- we talked about this all week, changing demographics in the country made this possible. they're going to get something done. certainly see action more easily and quickly on this than you will on gun control. >> of course the latino voting bloc. everyone came out in droves. if you are the republican party you have got to be concerned about that. you have to somehow change your message to attract that group of voters. the message before the election was, you know, let's shore up our borders. let's not worry about, immigration reform. and now we are hearing a different message. >> mitt romney talking self-deportation, mixed messages from his
a friend. president obama's defense secretary nominee got tough questions from senator john mccain on his opposition to the 2007 troop surge in iraq. >> were you creek or incorrect when you said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam. were you correct or incorrect? yes or no? >> my difference to the -- >> answer the question. the question is were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straight forward question. i would like to answer whether you are right or wrong and then you are free to elaborate. >> mccain and hagel were long time friends before a major falling out over the iraq war. hagel endorsed president obama's military policies. country singer randy travis due in court in texas today. he is expected to plead guilt tow a misdemeanor drunken driving charge. he was arrested last august after running his car off a road. travis was naked and ready to fight when they arrived. the charge against travis as a misdemeanor could net him up to two years in jail and a $4,000 fine. olympic great michael phelps has a new sport with 0 0 to do with
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